House and Buildings saved from termites

Boaz is an Authorized Operator of Exterra – the world’s renowned Termite Colony elimination and baiting system made from the USA.

Boaz also do the comprehensive termite control using Liquid Termiticide for soil poisoning and perimeter injection that create a chemical barrier underneath the structure.

We are also a Termatrac expert that confirms termite activity hidden inside inconspicuous places cannot be seen with the naked eye.


We always believe in the power of collaboration. This is always applicable in life and definitely to your pest control solution. Partnering with different industries such as Food and Beverage, Hospitality, Food Manufacturing & packaging, will definitely bring results that you are looking for. Our documentations pass all audits provided by the government and third-party auditors such as ISO, Halal, HACCP, AIB, BRC, and many others!

Everyone is safe from diseases

Proper pest management should be implemented to every household and businesses and we are here to guide and support you. Whether you are a school, restaurant, BPO, warehouse etc., you all need to have a professional pest control provider like ours to take care of this problem.


Our Disinfection Program involves Risk Assessment, Careful Planning, and Disinfection Application whether with the use of Chemical or Non-Chemical approaches which are all effective against pathogens, especially coronavirus. A combination of Wiping and Misting suffice the disinfection process in an area. Steaming and UVC Exposure options can also be availed.

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