Protect you and your family from the potential danger of mosquitoes. Get a team of professional exterminators from BPC, and we will provide you the on-point Mosquito Control Program tailored to you and your property needs.

Common Types of Mosquitoes in the Philippines

  • Anopheles mosquito
  • Dengue Mosquito
  • Culex mosquito


Similar to flies, mosquitoes are dipteran insects with only one pair of wings. These blood-sucking insects have distinctive long legs and a long proboscis (nose) that the females use to draw blood out of people and animals. Only the female feeds on human and animal blood because they need the protein they get to form their eggs. Generally, they are attracted to dark-colored clothing and sweat. They are also rampant in countries and regions with hot temperatures and high humidity like the Philippines.

Injury or Damage

Mosquitoes are one of the most dangerous flying insects in the whole world. Not only their bites can cause swollen itchy welts on your skin. They also have dangerous feeding habits that harm the health and safety of humans and animals.  They carry and transmit a wide variety of severe and deadly diseases  (malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever, and encephalitis) since they bite and feed on such a wide variety of people and animals. 


Mosquito prevention starts with taking proactive steps. Luckily, they can be pretty easy to prevent. For low-cost measures, integrating good sanitation and exclusion methods into your everyday practices are the best prevention techniques you can do for your infested property.

  1. Sanitation
  • Remove standing water in and around your property.
  • Keep every corner of your property dry and well ventilated.
  • Stop water leaks.
  • Keep your lawn trimmed short.
  • Suction of water build-up on canals/cistern and STP.

2. Exclusion

  • Place mesh screens on windows, doors, vents, and chimneys
  • Seal open areas with water.

BOAZ Pest Control Services Mosquito Control Programs

Using a professional mosquito control service is the most effective way to guarantee the complete removal of mosquitoes from your property. 

Four or five-phase Mosquito Control Programs starts on:

  1. Inspection and Survey. 
  2. Sanitation.
  3. Exclusion
  4. Combination of Non-chemical and Chemical Methods
  5. Monitoring