Cockroaches are nocturnal pests, adept at hiding within the corners of your property. You’ll never know when and where they may be lurking, and they can kill reputations if not detected and terminated immediately. Protect yourself, your staff, and your business reputation with our Cockroach Control Program, tailored to your property needs from top to bottom and inside-out.

Common Types of Cockroaches in the Philippines

  • American Cockroach 
  • German Cockroach 
  • Other urban cockroaches


If you live in the Philippines, then cockroaches are no longer a stranger to you. Cockroaches top the list of pests that need to be controlled. There are thousands of species out there, but these are the three most commonly found cockroaches in the Philippines:

• German Cockroach – Most common species found in different areas, especially in our properties. The Male is light yellowish-brown while the female is darker in color. The female generates 4-9 egg cases that contain 37-44 eggs each. They live up to more than 100 days, and they are the hardest ones to kill.

• American Cockroach – They are mostly found in dark, damp, and warm places like drains and sewers. They are reddish-brown and the largest among the common cockroaches. The female generates one egg case every ten months that contains 16 eggs each. The adult life cycle lasts up to 3 years.

• Oriental cockroach – These cockroaches can also be found on drains and sewers. They are darker than most cockroaches (almost black). Males and females have wings, but neither could fly. The adult life span ranges up to 6 months.

Injury or Damage

Cockroaches top the list of pests that you need to control. They pick up germs on the spines of their legs as they crawl through anything, which can be transferred to humans through food contamination. All kinds of cockroaches are also known to spread at least 33 types of bacteria, including E. coli and Salmonella. Lastly, their saliva and shed skin contain potent allergens which can trigger asthma and allergy attacks. Regardless of the species, these pests must be exterminated within your property.


Cockroaches can pose serious health risks to humans. Luckily, they can be pretty easy to prevent. For low-cost measures, integrating good sanitation and exclusion methods into your everyday practices are the best prevention techniques you can do for your infested property.

  1. Sanitation
  • Keep garbage cans properly sealed and well-disposed.
  • Always clean up food crumbs and leftovers.
  • Keep food properly sealed.
  • Remove standing water in and around your property.
  • Remove unnecessary clutters (cartons, papers, plastics, etc.)
  • Keep every corner of your property dry and well ventilated.

2. Exclusion

  • Seal cracks and holes around the property to remove cockroach access.
  • Install weather strips or mohair at the bottom of doors to establish a barrier.
  • Make sure that your doors and windows can be tightly closed.
  • Place mesh screens over windows, floor drains, and vents.

BOAZ Pest Control Services Cockroaches Control Programs

Using a professional cockroach control service is the most effective way to guarantee the complete removal of cockroaches from your property. 

Four or five-phase Cockroach Control Programs starts on:

  1. Inspection and Survey. 
  2. Sanitation.
  3. Exclusion
  4. Combination of Non-chemical and Chemical Methods
  5. Monitoring