The importance of the Pest Control Provider in a facility is to make sure   that the preparation, production and packaging is free from biological,  chemical and physical hazards which can be caused by the naturally-   occuring insect pests, rodents and other uninvited entities. Application process, chemical used, pest control devices and personnel conducting the service should also be properly documented and guided by a well developed pest control program.

This is also why some government agencies and private institutions require a third party pest control provider to maintain quality and be compliant to industry and government standards.

This is what Boaz Pest Control Services can provide. Whether the facility is aiming for minimum to maximum compliance, our dedicated and trained staffs will be able to meet the need of our clients with regards to audit  and audit requirements.

Audit Support and Compliance is the backbone of our Company. We can provide you with the reports your auditors need from you. Or we can be at the Audit to answer for you.

All of these included in our services once we begin our Partnership.