Adult: The newly emerged adult rests on the surface of the water for a short time to allow itself to dry and all its parts to harden. Also, the wings have to spread out and dry properly before it can fly.

The egg, larvae and pupae stages depend on temperature and species characteristics as to how long it takes for development.


Mosquitoes are not just nuisance, they are vectors of deadly diseases such as dengue & Chikungunya, Encephalitis, Malaria and West Nile Virus which has caused serious fatalities worldwide. Climate change aggravates these occurences as mosquitoes' normal feeding behaviour is gradually being altered. This is a threat to human safety where we spend millions of money for research.



Sanitation and exclusion are the best ways of preventing mosquito infestation and entry. Aside from these are less costly, they have been proven to be more effective means of keeping mosquitoes away from your property.


- Suction of water build-up on canals/cistern and STP or any container or surface which can accumulate water. This includes even leaf litter or tree trunk hole, used tires, tin cans, flower vase, gutter, or even a long standing water on mud.

- Regular clean up to mosquito resting sites

- Removal of water pond on plant pots and plant boxes, rain water deposit, aircon drain and even bath water stocked on drums


- Cover/seal open areas with water to keep mosquitoes from laying eggs inside

BOAZ Pest Control Services Mosquito Control Programs

Five-phase Mosquito Control Programs starts on:

1. Inspection and Survey. 
2. Sanitation.

3. Exclusion

4. Combination of Non-chemical and Chemical Methods

5. Monitoring