Fly infestation can become a nuisance in any kind of facility. Depending on the fly species, egg hatches at a minimum of 24 hours. Larval period (in a form of a maggot) takes as little as 5 days before pupating. In 3-4 days, an adult fly emerges from its pupa and can live up to 3-6 weeks.


Houseflies are major carrier of communicable diseases like cholera, dysentery, diarrhea, typhoid fever among others.

They can easily transmit these diseases as they move from garbage and filth then land to human food and things.



Sanitation and exclusion through sealing possible entry points are the best ways of preventing fly infestation. Aside from these are less costly, they have been proven to be more effective means of keeping flies away from your property.


- Food and water removal

 - Keep trash bins covered to avoid attracting flies inside the building. 

 - Eliminate animal manure as this also serves as attractant.

 - Ensure at least once a month pressure washing garbage area to clean off organic matter clinging on soil and rocks.


- Keep doors, windows and vents closed as much is practical, and by screening and sealing around these and other fly entry points. 

BOAZ Pest Control Services Mosquito Control Programs

Four or five-phase Fly Control Programs starts on:

1. Inspection and Survey. 
2. Sanitation.

3. Exclusion

4. Combination of Non-chemical and Chemical Methods

5. Monitoring